DKM Foundation

Brighter Investment & WUSC


WUSC (World University Service of Canada) is a Canadian non-profit organization working to create a better world for all young people. WUSC fosters youth-centered solutions for education, economic opportunities, and empowerment to overcome inequality and exclusion. 

Brighter Investment, a Candian based social-enterprise, works to support secondary school graduates in Ghana to continue their education by providing higher education funding financed through private investment. Following graduation, students only start repaying their loans once they have secured employment as repayment is income dependent. Since it first began supporting students in Ghana in 2015, Brighter Investment has made major strives towards increasing access to higher education in Africa using private capital. But due to societal and practical hurdles, women have been under-represented among the students supported. Currently, 88% of student loan recipients are men.

By partnering with WUSC, who has worked to advance girls’ education in Ghana since 1995, Brighter Investment hopes to provide more equitable access to their loans for young women. With funding from the DKM Foundation (DKM), WUSC will work with Brighter Investment to build gender inclusivity and ensure more equitable access to their program for all young people.

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