DKM Foundation

Engineers Without Borders


EWB Canada and DKM Foundation are working to support the economic and social development of people and communities living in poverty in East Africa. Since 2016, DKM Foundation has contributed to EWB's impact investing program to provide social enterprises in Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia with much-needed funding and talent support to test and develop innovative solutions. These social enterprises are helping particularly challenged groups, such as smallholder farmers, access new economic opportunities to grow and enhance their livelihoods.  

GreenPath is one of the ventures that received both funding and talent to help scale its model. GreenPath provides Ethiopian smallholder farmers with the resources and training to transition to organic permaculture farming of perennial and annual crops, such as avocados, mint, rosemary, green beans, and more. GreenPath then sources produce grown by partner farms as the exclusive buyer and exports the herbs and vegetables to domestic and international retailers looking for organic-certified and sustainably-grown food.

Currently, GreenPath partners with about 150 farmers and has a team of about 100 full and part-time staff. Partner farmers have been able to increase the productivity of their fields by cultivating diverse species of plants, ultimately increasing the amount and stability of their income.