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Funding Process


Our Funding Process


DKM strives to address root causes of poverty rather than the symptoms thereof. For example, in sub saharan Africa there are a multitude of life threatening diseases (symptoms) associated with poor water, sanitation and hygiene (causes). In this case DKM would focus its efforts towards education, projects, and programs designed to improve water, sanitation and hygiene. We firmly believe that once you alleviate or eradicate causes of poverty then the associated negative symptoms are reduced or eradicated.

We seek out and support organizations which present innovative and viable solutions to complex challenges, centred around health, education and economic opportunities of underserved communities. We look for projects and programs which have the potential to deliver a significant, and measurable, positive impact on communities.
DKM is particularly interested in organizations providing solutions that are sustainable, and scalable (repeatable) to other regions and communities.

In addition to granting to registered Canadian
charities, DKM invests in select early-stage social enterprises which align with our mission. We believe, over time, that for profit social enterprises hold the promise of far surpassing the charitable sector in leading underserved communities and countries into greater well being and prosperity.

We encourage all potential grantees to read through our current partners to get an understanding of the type of work we fund. 

All funding must meet the following criteria:

A.Geographic Focus:
• Projects must be implemented in Sub-Saharan Africa
B. Your work must fall within one or more of our three thematic focus areas:
1. Good health and well-being
2. Access to quality education
3. Ensuring economic prosperity for all; specifically women, youth, and under-served communities

DKM strives to build lasting, collaborative partnerships with all of our grantees. this is reflected in our decision-making process. Rather than receiving funding proposals upfront, we initially welcome a discovery call so we can get to know one another and determine if there is a good fit between us.

In your email, please include the following:
• Your contact Information
• A brief overview of your organization
• A summary description of what you are seeking funding for

From there, if we feel your request may be of interest to us, we will reach out to set up a discovery call with you to learn more about the work you are doing. We thank you for your interest in th DKM Foundation.


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— C.S. Lewis