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*Patients with vision problems are referred to a vision centre or eye unit, and those who need surgery or specailized treatment are referred to the hospital. Photo credit Peter Carrette..jpg

Operation Eyesight

*Operation Eyesight is implementing the WHO's SAFE strategy to elminate blinding trachoma, which includes distributing antibiotics to treat trachoma infection. Photo credit Ronald Kefa.JPG

Operation Eyesight Universal is an international development organization working to restore sight and prevent blindness in developing countries in Africa and South Asia. Operation Eyesight works in partnership with local hospitals, governments, and community development organizations, building essential resources that give all people, including the poorest, access to the eye care services they need.

DKM  partnered with Operation Eyesight to expand their work into Ethiopia in partnership with Frances G. Cosco Foundation and Bahir Dar University Hospital. Through its innovative model of hospital-based community eye care, Operation Eyesight ensures sustainable service for entire communities. Community health workers, who live and work in the communities they serve, are trained to conduct door-to-door surveys. They screen entire families for eye health problems, refer patients to a vision centre or hospital for treatment, and educate communities on eye health and other general health topics such as nutrition and maternal health. 

Through Operation Eyesight’s model, partner hospitals provide everyone with the same level of care, regardless of their gender, age, race, financial means, or other personal circumstances. Those who can pay for services help offset the cost for those who cannot afford to pay. To date, Operation Eyesight has declared more than 1,000 villages as avoidable blindness-free.