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sSubi Foundation


The gift of hope is the reason the Ssubi Foundation exists today. One of the founders, Philip Ndugga, was born in Uganda during one of the most tumultuous times in its history. He was given an opportunity to go to school and hope for a better future. The Ssubi Foundation was established in 2001 and supports education and community infrastructure initiatives in Northern Uganda.

For several years, the Ssubi Foundation has been working with the Rwot Rubanga Lukica Women’s Group (RRLWG) to develop a micro-loaning program to support existing Village Savings, and Loaning Associations formed though-out northern Uganda by local community leaders. RRLWG is a team of women who have created what could be thought of as a community bank. They have a pool of money which community members can request access to for anything from starting a business to paying for school. The fund has incredibly successful both from a financial and community-building perspective. 

DKM has partnered with Ssubi and RRLWG to provide seed money to train over a dozen new micro-lending groups. The vision of RRLWG is to become a Micro Finance Company that will be supporting both the members and other rural community groups. Loans provided support everything from tuition payments, purchasing agricultural inputs such as seeds and fertilizer, to investing in or starting a small business. By providing access to capital, we are empowering local women to build a sustainable life for themselves and their families.